Our Story

Ronnie and Margaret started their road to recovery in 1993 and 1994. By the time their first child had been born, they were actively involved in helping others to live a life without drugs and alcohol. Their desire and passion to help others began with them opening their own home to individuals recently released from incarceration and struggling with moving past their substance addiction. The need for this type of support in our community was more than their little house could accommodate, so they established Miracle House in 1995: a sober living community that fosters life without drugs or alcohol. Their selfless dedication and sacrifice to improve the lives of those in need has made a profound impression on the lives of those who now live a life free from any substance abuse. Thus, Miracle House continues to thrive in our communities as well as personal growth of our residents. Margaret and Ronnie have been clean and sober for over twenty-five years and continue to share their knowledge and experience to those who seek a better way of life. Although Ronnie is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through Miracle House. We have established a fund in his honor that allows us to offer a free bed to those who show exemplarity passion and financial need to live substance abuse free.