Core Principles

Miracle House adheres to the principles of the 12-step programs. We believe in developing strength through fellowship, service and unity. We feel that the 12-step program offers multiple invaluable experiences that provide our residents with the keys to a successful life without substance abuse. These are the core values that guide every resident in their road to recovery.

  • Acceptance: which includes the realization that drug addiction is a chronic, progressive disease over which one has no control, that life has become unmanageable because of drugs, that willpower alone is insufficient to overcome the problemand that abstinence is the only alternative.
  • Surrender: which involves giving oneself over to a higher power, accepting the fellowship and support structure of other recovering addicted individuals, and following the recovery activities laid out by the 12-step program
  • Change: it is important to change one’s lifestyle to include maintaining abstinence; involving oneself in healthy relationships; getting good nutrition, rest and exercise; and working to resolve one’s personal problems. 4